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Young MBSA at French-Czech Forum in Paris - photos

Event dedicated to young Czech and French entrepreneurs took place in Paris on 9th March. Young MBSA was represented by Pavol Compel, its delegate for France.

Young MBSA at French-Czech forum for young entrepreneurs in Paris

March 2012 - Event dedicated to young Czech and French entrepreneurs and organized by the Czech embassy in France in order to increase the cooperation between the two countries..

Meeting with Mr. Fuat Kasimcan, a Chief Commercial Counselor of the Turkish Embassy

A business meeting with Fuat Kasimcan was a first phase of Young MBSA project “Meeting with Turkish and European Entrepreneurs in Istanbul”.

Young MBSA has supported project and competition “The Good Entrepreneur 2009”

Young MBSA has supported project and competition “The Good Entrepreneur 2009” aimed at entrepreneurs across Europe with environmentally responsible business concepts.


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Flemming Teilgaard Laugesen

Interviews with Flemming Laugesen which appear in Czech version of Young MBSA web sites will be translated soon.

More details about Flemming and Bona Terra at http://www.bonaterra.cz/en/


Claudio Corallo Cocoa
Ultimately, it is the story of how a Tuscan family, who by introducing and creating new technological and organizational methods of working, have given renewed hope and pride to more than 2000 inhabitants of the small African country São Tomè e Prìncipe who directly and indirectly participate in the production of Claudio Corallo chocolates.
Corallo’s appeal as a cocoa grower and producer is that he works and thinks like an artisanal wine producer, with the same ideals of terroir, pruning and harvesting. He owns the Terreiro Velho plantation of 160 hectares on the island of Principe. Only 500-600 kg/ha of cocoa is harvested compared to 2500 kg/ha guaranteed from the common hybrids. Small daily harvesting ensures perfect ripeness. A homogeneous maturation ensures a homogeneous fermentation of the nibs. On São
Tomè e Prìncipe a fermentation period of 4-6 days is typical before the malolactic fermentation compromises the cocoa. Claudio’s fruit is so healthy and well-matured that he can extends the fermentation period to 9-17 days during which the alcoholic fermentation is followed by the acetic fermentation which is fundamental in obtaining a quality product.
The nibs are dried for 5-7 days on slate tiles which warm to a maximum of 48 degrees and then toasted at low temperature (no higher than 120 degrees). In natural products there has to exist a clear and direct link between the aromas and perfumes of the original fruit and what derives from them. Thus, it is considered heresy to even think about an olive oil that does not smell of olives, or a wine that bears no resemblance to the original grape. Yet, is it normal that people accept chocolate that has so many aromas added to it that there is no link at all to the perfume of the cocoa bean.
After living in the plantation for more than 30 years, I've learnt to make the most of the resources and loathe any useless waste, says Claudio. Therefore, what I expect from our packaging is not to strike the fantasy or distract from the quality of its content but to protect the product, respect the environment and be cost effective.





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