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Young MBSA at French-Czech Forum in Paris - photos

Event dedicated to young Czech and French entrepreneurs took place in Paris on 9th March. Young MBSA was represented by Pavol Compel, its delegate for France.

Young MBSA at French-Czech forum for young entrepreneurs in Paris

March 2012 - Event dedicated to young Czech and French entrepreneurs and organized by the Czech embassy in France in order to increase the cooperation between the two countries..

Meeting with Mr. Fuat Kasimcan, a Chief Commercial Counselor of the Turkish Embassy

A business meeting with Fuat Kasimcan was a first phase of Young MBSA project “Meeting with Turkish and European Entrepreneurs in Istanbul”.

Young MBSA has supported project and competition “The Good Entrepreneur 2009”

Young MBSA has supported project and competition “The Good Entrepreneur 2009” aimed at entrepreneurs across Europe with environmentally responsible business concepts.


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David Šašek - Chef of Coda restaurant

Interviews with David at http://www.youngmbsa.cz/cs/rozhovory/ will be translated into English soon.



Resumé supplement – a brief biography

I have been directly involved in cooking and assisting in a professional kitchen under the leadership of experienced chefs from the age of 12. I received these first experiences at my father’s family hotel in Pístina u Stráže nad Nežárkou, where we prepared breakfasts, lunches and dinners for 95 guests. These years of experience with foods prepared in the highest quality in a home-style kitchen, which was the focus of the business, evidently influenced my future career decisions.

After finishing Chef School I continued to work at that hotel for a few months, and then left to gather experience, and further perfect my skills in this beautiful trade at top five-star hotels in the city of Prague, such as the Hotel Savoy and the Palace-Gourmet Club, and also at restaurants that were, at the time, a guarantee of quality presenting the top work of the best domestic and foreign chefs. I then continued to expand and improve on these experiences abroad at the luxurious restaurant at the Ballynahinch Castle hotel in western Ireland in the position of Second Sous Chef, where the primary meals were fresh fish and seafood from the nearby Atlantic.

In looking for an appropriate position upon my return to the Czech Republic I was most impressed by the magical environment and very professional and friendly staff at the Hotel Aria, where I later began working in the same position as I had been at Ballinahynch. After some time I was offered the position of Head Hotel Chef, in which I have now been for two years. At the Aria I have had the opportunity of working with and consulting Mr. Laurent Gras, who has worked as Chef de Cuisine for such giants in gastronomy like Alain Ducasse, Guy Savoy and subsequently became famous himself for his culinary arts in other well-known restaurants in New York, San Francisco and Chicago (L2O Restaurant). I truly value these exceptional experiences and hope for similar opportunities in the future.

Currently I work at the Coda restaurant of the Music Hotel Aria that was received the first place award in the recent TripAdvisor survey, becoming Best Luxury Hotel for 2009. Along with my team at Coda I try to produce local Czech and international cuisine that is based on tradition and carried out in a slightly lighter style, using quality fresh, primarily local ingredients. I am against all pre-prepared, instant and powdered foods. All of the meals in our restaurant are prepared in an honest, home-style fashion, just like our grandmothers and great grandmothers used to cook, even while using some organic ingredients . This is not to say, however, that we discard modern food preparation techniques. We prepare 90% of our meats using the “Sous Vide” method, resulting in consistently pink, deliciously tender meats with superb and natural flavors. And our sweets and desserts? Our guests say “excellent!”, so I have nothing to add . Working in this style makes overall preparation, “mise en place”, and delivery very demanding, however the facts that guests keep returning and that day after day the restaurant is busier, are indications that our team is on the right track and at the same time are a tremendous motivation. Most of all, it is pleasing to find, during my visits to guests’ tables at lunch and dinner, that 70% of our guests are Prague residents and local clientele. I consider it an obligation on my team and myself and I think that these satisfied customers are the impulse driving us to continual improvement and innovation so that we continually achieve the highest standards and par in our category of restaurant and hotel services.

David´s  Professional CV

Name and surname: David Šašek
Date of birth: 11th April 1976
Place of birth: České Budějovice


Education: 1982-1990 Primary school
1990-1993 Secondary Professional School

Professional skills:

Czech cuisine
Sous Vide – Cooking Methode
Mediterranean, French cuisine
Hotel‘s confectionery, Pastry
Fruit and vegetable carving
Thai cuisine - course, Embassy of Thailand Prague 2000
Thai Gastronomy and Cooking Course in Hilton Prague 2002
Private Work Experience with Famous Chef Laurent Gras (Sous Vide Methode, New Cooking Technologic Process) 2006
Work Experience with Liquit Nitrogen 2008




e-mail – david.sasek@aria.cz






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